Wednesday, December 27, 2017

32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Android)

***** (5 Stars)

32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, USB Memory Stick Thumb Drives Storage Pen Disk U Disk for Android Devices and Computer - Blue

My husband likes to play games on his cellphone but some of them take up so much space it doesn't give him room for anything else. This is a great solution to that problem. It allows him to load his games onto this USB memory card and plug into his phone whenever he wants to play them. It doesn't affect the phones memory at all, so he's free to store whatever he needs on his cellphone. This card is only 32gb, that is not a great deal of space for the games and apps out these days but it does allow the freedom to play with the space on your device. This hooks right into the charging port of your device. Your device will recognize it just as it would an external sd card. You can even close up the card and stick it on a keychain so you always have it with you. What a great idea!

Anypro 360°Tablet Swivel Stand

***** (5 Stars)

Tablet Stand Adjustable- Anypro 360°Tablet Swivel Stand Tablet Holder Stand for iPad, with Swivel Base and Cable Organizer, Tablet Stands and Holders for Sony PSP/iPad/iPad Pro/iPhone, 4-13in, Silver

I never have a place to put my phone to charge at night, this stand is great! It is sturdy, it rotates, the place where you put your phone adjusts for any angle that fits your needs. You can position this for hands free working, calling, watching a video or anything else you wish. This space also has 2 rubber holders that secure your phone so it doesn't move or shift, this will even fit a cellphone in a certain sized case. Mine is a hybrid and it fits PERFECTLY. Under those rubber holders is a place for the cord to hang. The back has a hole for a cord to feed though if you wish to charge from the back.  This is the BEST QUALITY stand I have ever purchased. I am so excited and pleased with this stand that I am going to get one for my husband and children! You will NEVER find a stand better than this!